04-19-2019: hello, neocities! it's been nearly two years since i last updated this website, which feels surreal. hopefully i'll actually remember to update it now that i've remembered it exists. i changed a lot of information on this site to better reflect the kind of person that i am now, but who knows if it'll stick.

09-28-2017: yesterday was the one month anniversary of my neocities! i haven't had much time to update things lately since i've been kind of busy, but i have the chance now to go back and fix things up a little. i'm going to work on adding content to some more of my pages, and updating things so that they look nice and neat! for now, a lot of sections are still under construction though.

08-27-2017: THIS WEBSITE WAS BORN! i don't have a lot that's going on in my personal life at the moment so news is gonna be a little sparse for now but i think you'll manage. i still want to go back and put a music player on here, along with add a few other things, but i think that will end up waiting until i'm finished with the content of all the pages! the general layout is fixed though, and i'm pretty happy with where it's at.

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