[light synth] hey what's up

hey, i'm alex. i'm 16 years old and this is my personal website that i made just to flex my coding skills, i guess? i really like the old web so i thought this would be a fun little project to drop in on every once in a while. since i'm still in school i don't really drop in as much as i probably should, but it's the thought that counts, right?

as for my interests: i think computers are pretty cool. i usually focus on micros from the 80s, moving into some of the earlier ibms and ibm compatibles. 90s computers are pretty interesting too, but they're not as diverse as the ones from the 80s. of course, i'm just a big 80s/90s person in general. i have some other more mainstream interests like star wars and marvel, but who cares when i could wax on about back to the future and ibm pcs?

as for anything else, it's whatever. i'm not exactly going to divulge my entire life's story on my neocities page, but there are a couple other things i do. i write sometimes, and should probably put up a page for some of the things i've created. i've also coded a few small games in python and things like that, but i'm not too keen on sharing them yet. i wanna hone my skills before i post any shareware shit, alright?

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